Yaffo Winery

Part of the Wine Route of Israel...
Israeli vineyard
The winery takes its name from Jaffa, where it was established in 1998. After a few years, the winery moved to be closer to the vineyards in the Ella Valley, considered to be the "Israeli Provence." The winery is now located in the village of Neve Michael, an area rich in the history of wine making for thousands of years and is now considered part of the "Wine Route of Israel."

Yaffo Winery combines tradition and knowledge, using grapes grown in their own vineyards, resulting in wine which is unique to the valley.

HOMMAGE SYRAH-MERLOT 201150% Syrah, 50% Merlot. This Syrah-Merlot blend is full of ripe plum fruit durable tannins and a strong finish. Structure and balance come from aging 12 months in French Oak barrels.