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Established in 2010, The River Wine is based on the founders' love of wine and desire to provide a small, focused portfolio of unique products. The River is an importer, distributor and producer, committed to offering superior kosher wines and spirits to the United States from around the world, with a strong focus on Israel, Italy and California. 

The company believes in a personalized approach, attending to the individual needs of each winery and retail customer. The River inspires confidence by considering its partners an inclusive, collaborative network. 

The team includes experts in Sales, Marketing, Events, and Service Relationship Management. They provide 24/7 customer support to their retailers in order to supply the consumers with knowledge, selection and introductions to new and great wines.

The wines and spirits can be found in over 20 states, through major retailers such as Total Wines, Kroger, Trader Joe's, Meijer and more. Please contact us for more information.

Ami Nahari
Chief Executive Officer

CEO and Founder of The River, Ami Nahari brings 15 years of business consulting expertise, focusing on customer satisfaction, organizational structure and service management. A product of an elite Israeli Army unit and graduate of the management school at Bar Ilan University, Mr. Nahari is committed to building an organization based on values, ethics, professionalism and modern methods.

A resident of New York City since 2000, Mr. Nahari has been hired by Fortune 100 companies in order to improve operations and processes. Mr. Nahari borrows best practices from High-Tech and the financial industries to establish state of the art wine distribution operation.


Larissa Nahari
Marketing Director

Ms. Nahari imparts creativity, insight and a keen aesthetic eye to all of The River’s activities, with 14 years of Product and Brand Marketing. Larissa’s experience is with fast-paced industries such as fashion and design, where detail is of the utmost importance. 

Managing websites, catalogue and event production, along with brand messaging, has built her portfolio of skills to offer The River a fresh and sophisticated approach.


Yossi Berkowitz
VP Sales

With over 11 years experience selling kosher wine in the Tri-State area, Yossi Berkowitz is the proud owner of one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Despite his unmatched track record in sales and brand-building, the achievement Yossi is most proud of are the relationships he has formed over the years. Many of his customers count Yossi amongst their closest friends - some are even like family.

Renowned for his love and passion for wine, Yossi brings a great wealth of experience and knowledge to the table which he enthusiastically shares with all. He has become known in many circles as the “go-to” guy for honest and accurate information regarding all Kosher wine. In addition to sales, Yossi is known for his idiosyncratic wine writing. Always informative, usually quirky - and sometimes even intelligent - his TN’s (or tasting notes) have always found an appreciative audience.

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