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The art of wine-making magic

A poet and philosopher turned winemaker, Avi Feldstein has become an icon in the Israeli wine industry. His claim to fame is the creation of Segal’s Unfiltered, and Feldstein now is putting his energy into his namesake independent brand.

Avi Feldstein wine is the first kosher release under his name. It includes red and white blends, reflecting the Rhone varietals on which they are based, with an Israeli twist. Award-winning packaging and Avi’s winemaking “magic” present an unprecedented and exclusive limited production in the US.

Feldstein Red.jpg

32% Syrah, 36% Grenache, 32% Carignan. Purple is Syrah and purple is its taste of berries. Grenache adds both its strawberry-cherry lightness and typical green garrigue-like flavors. With black and red fruit, Carignan’s essential contribution is its animal overtones and cured meatiness, echoing Syrah’s similar notes. MORE>

Feldstein White.jpg

85% Sauvignon Blanc, 15% Roussanne.

Like a pair of acrobats, the Roussanne's robust, full body supports the Sauvignon Blanc as it soars - pivoting notes of passionfruit, perfumed citrus, and fresh green herbs - then settles in the full-bodied minerality of its anchor's firm embrace. Rehearsals lasted nearly a year in barrels from Burgundy.

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