Ethan's Reserve

Quality, Tradition, Spirit

Ethan’s Reserve is small batch, high quality bourbon whiskies from Nashville,  TN. From straight bourbon to Honey and Maple flavored,  each production is qualified for taste and the formula is hand-crafted  by a Master Distiller.

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

A blend of corn, rye and malted barley, along with pure limestone-filtered water, makes for a rich and smooth Bourbon.

Aged in charred American Oak barrels for 3 years.

Honey Whiskey

Pure natural alfalfa honey is added to smooth Bourbon Whiskey for a  deliciously sweet liqueur, perfect for hot toddies and craft cocktails.

Maple Whiskey

Grade A Maple syrup gives this small batch Bourbon Whiskey a sweet richness. Serve on the rocks or create seasonal cocktails.

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