"...these are extraordinary wines"

Shirah Wine LLC is dedicated to producing the highest quality kosher wine with a focus on varietals, blends and styles that are not yet well known to the kosher wine drinker. Their primary focus is (at least currently) is on producing ultra-premium Syrah. Then as a natural extension, they will be focusing on Rhone varietals, and varietals and blends not yet produced at the highest level for the kosher market. They work with very small batches and their style is influenced mainly by the most highly regarded producers in California. They try to utilize multiple vineyards, varietals, yeasts, techniques, cooperages, etc. in the wines to add complexity and to explore these different elements and learn about what they can contribute to the wine drinking experience.

PTTP 2014.jpg

98% Syrah, 2% Viognier. On the nose, stunning blueberry fruit. Big dense and jammy. Mutated levels of fruit notes.  MORE >

Top Red Wine; Best Red Wine $25 and over, The Jewish Week

75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Petit Verdot. Complex aromas and
flavors abound with black cherry,
dried raspberry, earth, leather,
and tobacco. Aged in 25% new oak.


58% Grenache, 28% Syrah,
14% Mourvèdre
Our Rhône styled blend of primarily Grenache with some Syrah and Mourvèdre blended in, delivers classical medium bodied, red fruited layered complexity with the Syrah adding herbal spice and the Mourvèdre adding complex animal notes for a full spectrum of flavors and aromatics.

Coalition15 (2).jpg

50% Tannat, 33% Touriga Nacional, 16% Zinfandel
These three varietals unite together in this Coalition, each component bringing its strengths to a blend that is better and more balanced than the sum of its parts. MORE >

Vintage Whites 2019.png

80% Grenache Blanc, 20% Viognier

A classic Vintage Whites with loads of personality. This vintage really expresses a lot of ester based notes and apple/pear character, with the Viognier being very subtle. MORE >

BroDeux Blanc 2019.png

75% Sauvignon Blanc, 25% Semillon

Semillon in this blend is a little bit more subtle aromatically than
Sauvignon Blanc, bringing more nuance. BroDeux Blanc has a
great guava enote, some old world reductive notes and amazing acidity. 



100% Gruner Veltliner

This Gruner was fermented in oak with a small proportion fermented in a new, lightly toasted Stockinger barrel. 

While this wine retains Gruner’s steely, refreshing acidity, the addition of oak influence lends a slightly richer mouthfeel. 


Rose 2019.png

Based on Grenache yet lighter and more austere than past vintages, this Rose blend is perfect for a hot summer day. It finishes dry with beautiful fruit and floral notes. Minerality on the nose, with Luna Matta terroir, tangerine zest, tangy fresh strawberries, Key lime, Cab Franc flint and apple.

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