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DS Tayman

DS  Tayman single malt Scotch Whisky is the product of many years’  knowledge, thought and development. With nearly two decades in the  alcohol industry, Director of Malts Danny Saltman was keen to bring  something new to the market. Driven to develop an exceptional collection  of whiskies, Danny has travelled the length of Scotland to match choice  Scotch Whiskies with hand chosen casks.

As DS Tayman only bottles malt  whisky aged in single casks, you can be assured that each limited  edition expression has a unique taste profile that cannot be recreated.  As the casks are finished in Israeli wine barrels, every bottle is also  supervised kosher -- another first for independent bottlers.


Moses Spirits uses the purest, fresh Finnish glacier water, certified as  one of the finest in Europe. Naturally organic, the vodka and date
"vodka" is distilled from sugarcane, and is the first ultra premium  vodka certified kosher all year round. The trusted name in kosher-for  Passover spirits, Moses is now introducing arak and gin!
They are also releasing a Scotch Whisky filtered with pure water from Finland, which offers an unsurpassed value.


In 1999, Professor Ben Ami Bravdo and his former student Professor Oded Shoseyov, both faculty members of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, decided to establish Karmei Yosef Winery that produces BRAVDO wines. Bravdo and Shoseyov’s wealth of knowledge and experience is now translated to the creation of high quality wine.

The vineyards are located at the foot-hills of the majestic village of Karmei Yosef, on the way to Jerusalem. The Shoseyov family began growing grape vines 120 years ago. The cool summer nights and the limestone rich soil at the 50 acre Shoseyov estate are known to have produced fine wine grapes back to the time of Solomon’s kingdom.

Avi Feldstein

A poet and philosopher turned winemaker, Avi Feldstein has become an icon in the Israeli wine industry. His claim to fame is the creation of Segal’s Unfiltered, and Feldstein now is putting his energy into his namesake independent brand.

Avi Feldstein wine is the first kosher release under his name. It includes red and white blends, reflecting the Rhone varietals on which they are based, with an Israeli twist. Award-winning packaging and Avi’s winemaking “magic” present an unprecedented and exclusive limited production in the US.

Twin Suns

The Twin Suns line of wines is a labor of love between The River and brothers Shimon and Gabriel Weiss, the renowned winemakers of Shirah Wine.  The name was inspired by the proprietors’ twin boys, born at the same time as The River.

The brand promises to deliver the highest quality California wines at an incredible price point for a revolutionary value in kosher wine.


Shirah Wine LLC is dedicated to producing the highest quality kosher wine with a focus on varietals, blends and styles that are not yet well known to the kosher wine drinker. Their primary focus is (at least currently) is on producing ultra-premium Syrah. Then as a natural extension, they will be focusing on Rhone varietals, and varietals and blends not yet produced at the highest level for the kosher market. They work with very small batches and their style is influenced mainly by the most highly regarded producers in California. They try to utilize multiple vineyards, varietals, yeasts, techniques, cooperages, etc. in the wines to add complexity and to explore these different elements and learn about what they can contribute to the wine drinking experience.

Ethan's Reserve

Ethan’s  Reserve is small batch, high quality bourbon whiskies from Nashville,  TN. From straight bourbon to Honey and Maple flavored (coming soon),  each production is qualified for taste and the formula is hand-crafted  by a Master Distiller.

Beit El

When winemaker Hillel Manne moved to Beit El in 1996 he asked about agricultural land. He was told that the shallow Terra Rosa soil on limestone, coupled with harsh winters, made agriculture here unlikely. That was when he got excited.

With his experience managing the vineyard at Israel’s Kibbutz Shaalavim and studying agriculture at the University of California, he had a gut feeling that he was onto some excellent wine territory. He was right. Israel’s warm climate ensures the right sugar level, and the cool evenings of Beit El (altitude: 2,854 feet) produce excellent acid retention. The result is grapes maturing with the perfect balance between sugar and acid, a balance that preserves the wine naturally for years. 

Winemaking is hardly new here though. Ancient winemakers poured their fermenting grape juice into clay jugs and stored them in the many caves around Beit El. As Hillel tells his guests, “We have an unsurpassed tradition to live up to.”


This saying symbolizes the traditional-modern approach with which this winery operates today. Although the winery is most definitely a commercial and progressive enterprise, a meticulous eye is always still kept on the grapes, which are cultivated and handpicked in their vineyards. The geographic locations of the vineyards have been carefully chosen from the optimal vine-growing regions in the country - from Sde Boker in the south, to the Golan Heights in the north.

The variations in the different soils and climates are reflected in each one of the wines, promoting their individuality. The barrels used for aging many of the wines are produced from both French and American oak. The oak wood forests from which the barrels come are carefully selected in order to determine the diversity in flavor and aroma that each region has to offer. This advantage gives consumers the option to enjoy wines with varied styles and characters.

Contessa Annalisa

The Contessa Annalisa project is a collection of superior Italian wines from many regions of Italy, focusing on typical varietals such as Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese, Moscato and Prosecco. The line offers a range of prices, from entry level to reserve wines.

The wineries included in this project bring their unique style of wine making while sharing the core values of the Contessa Annalisa label - quality, value, character and love of wine.

Aura di Valerie

Aura di Valerie is a brand concept that took many years to develop, as do the wines themselves. The inaugural release is the first Amarone to be provided to the kosher wine market. The demands of DOCG paired with the challenges of kosher wine making proved a difficult yet worthwhile journey. There are many more significant wines to be unveiled, with a Super Tuscan next in line!

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