Moses Spirits uses the purest, fresh Finnish glacier water, certified as  one of the finest in Europe. Naturally organic, the vodka and date
"vodka" is distilled from sugarcane, and is the first ultra premium  vodka certified kosher all year round. The trusted name in kosher-for  Passover spirits, Moses now includes arak and gin!
They also released a Scotch Whisky filtered with pure water from Finland, which offers an unsurpassed value.


Kosher for Passover 96.7 per cent neutral spirit distilled from the finest sugarcane,  combined with the purest sourced water available. A dash of inverted  sugar syrup is added. Applying a further rigorous filtration process,... MORE


Kosher for Passover 
A traditional Middle Eastern spirit made with aniseed, this
version features pure, unparalleled Finnish groundwater. Medium viscosity with subtle sweetness on the finish.

Date Vodka

Kosher for Passover Following  the original recipe of finest pure spring water with super premium  spirit made from entirely natural ingredients, an infusion of the sweet  red fruit, the date, is now added for an... MORE

Scotch Whiskey

From Angus Dundee Distillers, with over  60-years’ experience in distilling Scotch Whiskies. We chose a blend of  single malt and grain whiskies from all five main production regions in  Scotland. Its pure ingredients produce... MORE


Kosher for Passover The  Juniper berries in this gin have a unique purity to them due to  Finland’s clean, untapped forests. The distinctive character here comes  from the perfect balance of the dry berry tone... MORE

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